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Healthy Child.
Happy Life.

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Hassle Free Health Checkups for Children at School.

Ayenara is a leader in delivering recurring & hassle free healthcare excellence to children at schools.

We aspire to fulfill our mission in examining children's health through high quality, technology-enabled, multidisciplinary care. 

  • Quality health Checkups

  • Convenient location

  • Saves time

  • Productive Learning

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Our Services

Ayenara knows what exceptional service truly means. Through personalized guidance and immense support, our team of licensed professionals are here to ensure that all your health related needs are met. We provide quality health checkups with all the tools needed to give accurate and more satisfied results.

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Our ENT professionals are specialists in diagnosing disorders and diseases affecting the ear, nose, throat, head and neck.

  • Hearing Test

  • Nasal Checkup

  • Throat Examination


Eye examinations for children are vital to make sure that any visual problems such as squint, lazy eye (amblyopia) or short-sightedness (myopia) are detected and treated early.

  • Visual Acuity Test

  • Squints

  • Color Vision

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Children are prone to cavities and tooth decay. Having a proper oral hygiene routine combined with a regular dental checkup can help you catch the problem at an early stage and prevent it from worsening.

  • Cavities

  • Gum Health

  • Oral Care


BMI is the go-to tool for weight-status screening for kids and teens. This screening tool can indicate whether a child is underweight or if they have a healthy weight, excess weight, or obesity.

  • BMI Test

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